RVC on 97.5 FM in Yaounde/Cameroon

Radio Voice of the Cross (RVC) is the Radio Ministry of C.M.F.I, with a Vision to bring the Gospel and doctrine of salvation in Jesus Christ to the greatest number of unsaved and saved people of all social classes.

What our Listeners Say

Nfor Edwin
2016-08-07, 12:15
I am listening to 40 days prayer crusade live … read more
George Manfouo
2016-08-07, 10:29
Praise the Lord brother.
Congratulation for the … read more
Christelle Tcheho
2016-08-07, 12:16
I am on the radio
it is top today
great work
Dr pelyanu
2016-08-07, 11:22
Great work.
Listening from Houston, Texas and … read more
Francis Kaho
2014-12-12, 10:56
Merci infiniment frères pour cette … read more
Amelie damdja
2016-12-07, 02:18
je suis abondamment béni en vous … read more
George Ngufor
2016-08-07, 11:23
Beloved Brethren of the Online team, … read more
Jacques-Eymard Nanghoudoum
2016-08-07, 10:42
I am very happy that The Lord has taken us to … read more
2015-08-07, 11:22
This is thrilling and most welcome development in … read more
Joshua Bamigbele
2016-08-07, 12:18
Hey bro, i am listening online now from my … read more
Brother Magloire
2016-08-07, 11:21
I found no words to congratulate you brethren and … read more
Ruth Donald
2016-12-06, 01:51
Thank you so much for making the … read more
Léopold Tafouo
2016-08-07, 12:16
Praise the Lord!, I'm in Cameroon. And I tune it … read more
Tapiwa Jeka
2016-08-07, 12:13
Beloved, I have listened to the radio voice of … read more
Esther Zvobgo
2016-08-07, 12:17
I am so happy and grateful for this radio … read more
Dr. Wuntcha
2016-08-07, 12:17
This is wonderfull breathren. I am just listening … read more
Dr. Dickson Kanakulya
2016-08-07, 11:23
Dear Brethren, greetings in Jesus' name. I am … read more
Kingsley Okafor
2016-12-09, 04:18
It has been wonderful hearing from the throne … read more
2014-12-10, 11:02
Praise GOD for this great inovation and step … read more
Carine Tchoumbou
2014-12-07, 10:58
I am so grateful for the great opportunity of … read more

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